Recent Investment – Mezeh Project

Cuisine Features

Mediterranean, healthy, fresh, fabrication on site, high criteria, less competition

Variety and proper combination, about $10 per meal with no tips


Financial Data

Capital Contribution: $500,000 per store

Target Annual Revenue: $1,700,000 per store

Target Annual Net Income: $170,000-$200,000 per store

Cost: Rent (7%-10%), Management Fee (5%), Marketing (2%), Ingredient (35%)

New Store Opening Process

The business model of Mezeh is similar to that of Chipotle.

Value brand maintenance, only operate regular chain stores and will not blindly extend its business.

The whole opening process takes 1-2 years.

The new 5 stores that DYNC will invest in located at:

Fair Oaks , Bowie, PG Mall , Springfield Mall and Reynolds Crossing

All stores have completed the first 3 steps and are waiting for the building permits.

All stores will be opened before the end of 2017.