Potential Investment – Kinneret Fund


  • Founded in 2011, Kinneret Group (“Kinneret”) is a New York-based alternative asset manager specializing in next-generation quantitative and systematic trading strategies
  • Kinneret aims to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns with low correlation to the S&P 500 total return index, peers, and the broader market
  • Started live trading in Q4 2014


  • Senior management comprised of experienced asset management professionals, including former senior members of the D. E. Shaw group
  • Built and managed computer-driven, model-based trading organizations, and businesses around paradigm shifts in global financial markets


  • Kinneret Fund 1 employs next-generation predictive analytics, including machine learning, to identify characteristics predictive of the potential appreciation or depreciation of S&P 500 prices
  • Differentiated systematic approach:-Non-linear-Absolute value

    -Low correlation