DYNC Atlantic Property and Investment LLC specializes in property acquisition and management. DYNC is targeting key opportunities on the East Coast of the US based on in-depth research and analysis.

Currently, the USD is on the track of appreciation against RMB, and the USA has been recovering from the economic recession. Meanwhile, the Chinese economy is slowing down and the investment environment is becoming more volatile and unpredictable. The trade surplus of the emerging markets has an obvious decrease. Increasing amount of RMB is flowing into the US market as a result of the US QE1 and QE2 to secure a relatively stable investment return. DYNC targets to set up three parallel dollar fund management firms, including real estate private equity fund, fund of hedge funds and acquisition fund, in order to fulfill the increasing need for global asset allocation.



Real Estate PE FundFocus on Real Estate Development in Washington D.C., USA

The Greater Washington Metro Area is one of the country’s leading economic markets. The market has the fifth largest GDP in the US. The Greater MSA is considered one of the most educated and affluent areas in the country and boasts the nation’s seventh largest population. The region has sustained positive growth trends since the 2008 recession. According to Freddie Mac, Washington DC is among the top-ranked states suitable for real estate development. According to to the GMU  Center for Regional Analysis, the Washington, DC, metro area has and will continue to have a severe deficiency of new for-sale housing. D.C. has evolved into an active and lively city, combining government buildings,  monuments,  memorials, museums and the  National Mall with vibrant neighborhoods, art, theatre, music, and culture. The City offers residents a combination of urban convenience, an excellent quality of life, and high-end jobs.

Equity Investment Fund

DYNC is dedicated to digging out equity investment opportunities in TMT and medical industry nationwide, to bring excess returns for its investors.

Recent project:invests in Old Dominion National Bank, serves on the Board of the bank, strategically cooperates with top Chinese-American firms and targets at Chinese American market.

 Fund of Hedge Funds

Potential investment: With over 4 years of R&D, Kinneret aims to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns with low correlation to the S&P 500 total return index, peers, and the broader market. Kinneret Fund 1 employs next-generation predictive analytics, including machine learning, to identify characteristics predictive of the potential appreciation or depreciation of S&P 500 prices.