DYNC Atlantic Property and Investment, LLC was incorporated in Virginia in 2013.

DYNC Atlantic’s business focus is property acquisition and management, venture capital investment and hedge fund investment. DYNC is targeting key opportunities on the East Coast of the US based on our team’s in-depth research and analysis.  Backed by Tangrong Investment’s substantial assets-under-management and multi-year sterling track record in China and the business savvy of our core team, DYNC is embarking upon its US private equity investment opportunities in New York, Charlotte, Washington DC, and Orlando.


Tangrong Investment was established in 2001 in Shenzhen, China.

The company currently manages over RMB 5 billion and focuses on Private Equity in China and Hong Kong. Industry sectors of interest include Real Estate, Traditional Industries, and Retail. Tangrong has gained an esteemed reputation by achieving the high return for investors in the private equity community.  The core management team members have extensive investment experience in China/Hong Kong and international markets. The company consists of the following affiliates: